Sidney Orr – Resume – Through Spring 2012

Sidney Orr


Los Gatos

Calif. 95031

(mobile) 408.596.0146

(fax) 650.230.7116

  A versatile, collegial IT professional, sensitive to cost-effectiveness and experienced with a wide range of businesses and data. Substantial data management/architecture experience, industry experience in Utilities, Finance, Manufacturing/supply chain, Higher Education, Health Care and Biological Sciences. Especially strong in analysis, requirements gathering/client relations, reporting, EAI EDI ACH ETL, Batch scheduling, generic middleware, data mining, and RDBMS experience in depth.  Recent experience in Power Distribution Systems i.e., SPL OMS, OMS Web Interfaces,  generic Busines Intelligence  (BI), reporting, warehousing & SPL BI,  testing (functional, system, regression), test case design and documentation, recent experience in billing and supply chain businesses processes and algorithms. SPL CC&M/Cordaptix (customer demographics, billing, and assets). Extensive experience with Oracle Financials internals, esp. Fixed Assets (FA).
Technical skills
  • Databases and Data Management: RDBMS: Oracle through 10i, MS SQL-Server, DB2, Mysql, (had working knowledge of Progress, Sybase &  Informix) ,  strong generic EAI/ETL esp. with Datastage and hand-coded sqlldr,  and experienced and well understood: object-relational database design, SQL DML/DDL, and, and typical application objects; e.g., tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, synonyms, etc., strong data mapping, esp. ACH and EDI documents, and a strong working knowledge HTML,  XML schemas, XSL transformations for XML to XML, and SOAP functionality, with Altova XMLSPY and similar XML IDEs.
  • ERP/CRM/CIS:  CC&B/Cordaptix (primarily for utilities “V” functionality esp. batch), Peoplesoft CIS and Peoplesoft Revenue Manager (primarily batch scheduling functional/technical skills, usually in supply chain, inventory customer master and items business processes), QAD (primarily EDI-driven financials and supply chain with dos & gui QAD portal environment).
  • Desktop/Client Software: Ascential Datastage TX & non-TX IDEs, SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, Toad, Winsql, WsFtp, Visio- esp for UML & system symbols, MS Office applications: Project, Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Access (and Open Office 1.n workalikes), PDF, PS Elements 2è4, Photoshop 7/CS2, Erwin, UML, PGP for windows and Unix, SSH suite esp. Sftp, Change Management: CVS, Visual Source Safe (VSS) & ISIL CM, Scheduling: UC4 (desktop/client+mainframe) & Autosys (client+mainframe)

·     Platforms/Environments: Linux (esp. Enterprise Red Hat),  Unix Sun & HPUX, Windows, IBM S390 Mainframes, n-tier, (fluent with a common several dozen Unix primitives – ls, telnet, ps, cp, mv, grep, ftp, more, pwd, vi, vim, pico etc. Have used and developed in Unix environments for > 15 years)

  • Mainframe Experience: TSO, ISPF, QMF queries and procs, CLIST, REXX (incl. ISPF and embedded SQL APIs), CICS macro/command, InterTest, Xpeditor, DBEDIT, roscoe, datacom/db, ca/dataquery,
  • Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, TRANSACT-SQL, PHP, PERL – primarily regular expressions &. CGI, COBOL, SQR, C, UNIX C/korn shell, Knowledge of Java JSP/J2EE (architectures), REXX.
Experience / Contracts / Employment
  Functional Architect/Consulting Technical Manager April 2006 –

 March, 2010


    Oracle Utilities Global Business Unit.

  • Outage Management System (OMS) – real-time power distribution systems; 2-D display; middleware interfaces – esp. for automated meter reading (AMR); Business Objects (v.5), and Oracle/DMS business intelligence (BI) data warehousing  – fact-dimension data modeling – outage breakdown statistics; the environment: unix/linux (in vmware instances), working knowledge of WSDLs, XSLT, & J2EE for AMR middleware, oracle 10, sql developer, Java è Eclipse IDE è JDeveloper. Working knowledge of J2EE : designed & developed data base objects, incl. triggers for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and some JDBC methods for data management (synchronize OMS model customer meters CU_METERS with AMR meter staging table, AMR_CU_METERS); developed database invocation of (unix/linux) host script via batch process; working knowledge of UTL_DBWS package for web services invocation from (pl/sql) stored procedures.
  • Utilities Customer care and Billing Application Support, BA/SA support for SPL clients, for “V” business model (customer information, premise, account,

metering, interfaces,  workflow, batch, rates, billing, sales & marketing, field activities. Business & Project Management, MS Project – emphasizing specific  SPL methodologies. BI (business intelligence) data warehousing: fact-dimension data modeling for financials breakdown statistics.

  EDI Analyst Aug. 2005 – March 2006


  Sandisk Corp, Sunnyvale, CA (Onpoint 3rd party jobshop)

  • EDI system support: Purchasing, Invoicing, Shipping, Point-Of-Sale docs and related workflow analysis, QAD ERP simulations, Progress queries, and test plans to support primarily X12 EDI financial and supply chain transactions (primarily 810, 850 and 852 – purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, point-of-sale information) and corresponding EDIFACT docs. Trading Partner configuration and problem resolution, and resolution of customer vs. vendor, parts master and item cross-reference issues in Gentran and QAD.


  Senior Programmer Analyst / Systems Integrator / Testing Analyst Sept. 2004 – July 2005


  Areva Transmission and Distribution; San Jose, CA (Sage 3rrd party jobshop)

  • Developed system test procedures and performed system testing for e-terrasettlements product – an application for settling trades in energy markets. (GUI functionality, middleware EAI & EDI utility test plans, system integration – esp. JBOSS/WAR change management (VSS).
  • DBA (hand-coded ETL)  support mapping external (trading partner, financial settlements) data to targets, loading and cleansing with SQLLOADER, MS excel, DOS .bat files technology
  • Settlements charges and Billing cycle configurations for the California Independent System Operator (CAISO, i.e., XML schema maintenance, XML-Oracle schema synchronization with xmlspy and xlst tools.
  • Provided SDLC support for the CAISO implementation. Co-authored the system installation guide, which also included the installation and configuration of JRun, JBOSS, JDK, Oracle, Sql Server, and Mathematica.
  Systems Analyst/Technical Writer

June 2004 – July 2004


  Beverly Corporation; Ft. Smith, Arkansas (via 3rd party jobshop)

  • A majority of time interviewing senior analysts, team leads, management, for details of mainframe-based processes, in formal, and semi-formal, recorded sessions, guided by scripts, but completely inflexible, and able to develop comfortable and productive relationships with all business client colleagues
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation, Interviews For COBIT Controls, Analysis, Remediation, Robust English
  • RUP-influenced system analysis: who+what+when+where+how+evidence
  • Subject Matter Expert: DB2, Oracle, Cobol, Panvalet/Panapt, Roscoe, CA/Dataquery, UNIX/AIX
  • Healthcare Systems Analysis, Requirements, GAP analyses, EDI/HL7 Application Analysis
  Utilities Systems Analyst/Developer

Jan. 2004 – April 2004


  City Of Sacramento; Sacramento, CA (via 3rd party jobshop)

  • Interviewing system and business managers, gathering requirements for batch interfaces for critical business processes for financial, meter, and field order processes.
  • SPL CIS (PeopleSoft) Implementation: Reengineering Legacy Utilities Billing systems.
  • SPL PeopleSoft CIS Functional Areas: Payments/Remittances, Meter Reading Upload/download, Service Agreements, Field Activities/Orders, Mass Updates.
  • PS web server, Process Scheduler, Application Server re-configuration & naming conventions, esp. directory trees, to support customized applications.
  • Batch window definition, testing, documentation, training, coordinate with business users.
  • Interface development: Payments-Remittances; Meter Reading/Mapping, communication with external clients via ACH (payments/remittances, ETL specifications SQLLDR scripts for GL datamart accounts reporting) and EDI (vendor / trading partner maintenance, supply chain transactions )
  • Workflow/Field Service Order Analysis, GAP analyses of PS Workflow vs county business processes.
  • Technical Writing following UML emphasis on roles & RUP emphasis on system behavior.
Consulting Systems Analyst/Developer

Aug 2003- Nov. 2003


  Seniors Only Financial; San Mateo, CA (independent consultant)

  • Desktop productivity tools.
  • In a very small business,  collected and implemented Client requirements for Goldmine Schema and developed Presentation Enhancements.
  Senior Systems Analyst

May 2003 – July 2003


  ADP; San Ramon, CA (via 3rd party jobshop)

  • Interviewing legacy system developers and managers – long removed from the systems, recreating old processes and dataflows, fitting to modern tools collaboratively
  • Legacy Systems SDLC for Automobile Claims Process incl. salvage, inventory, labor costing/workflow via EDI files
  • Heavy Technical Writing in PMM2-3 Environment, following modified UML, RUP methodology
  • Heavy Cobol/CICS analysis with Intertest, Roscoe, CA/dataquery
  Senior Utilities Systems Analyst/Developer

Oct. 2000 – May 2003


  PG&E; San Francisco, CA  (via 3rd party jobshop)

  • SPL CIS (CorDaptix) full-time team member EAI application developer  + successful on-time Implementation (following five failed attempts to replace legacy systems  by equally large IT teams)
  • Achieved superior client relations, from collaborative work over a long period, reengineering from scratch, a CIS system with a full range of enterprise functions, and a full range of colleagues – many purely business and many purely technically-oriented; with constant editorial review and feedback via email, and formal document specifications walkthroughs.
  • Legacy Systems Reengineering SDLC (mainframe Cobol, DB2 -> new world) – primarily metadata architecting EAI “wrappers” for legacy EDI and ACH, and other flat-file data. Uni-directional (ETL) scripting with SQLLDR, Datastage, Perl for mass updates datamarts.
  • SPL CIS CorDaptix Functional Areas of the “V” (ERP) data model : Payments/Remittances, Meter Reading Upload/download, Service Agreements, Field Activities/Orders, Mass Updates
  • Datamart development emphasis: transient, daily-materialized snapshot aggregates of transactions
  • Successful design, build, deployment of two dozen + applications-interfaces-systems
  • Broad Scope Of Applications SDLC responsibility: Mass Updates, Demographics & DSS reports, Warehousing design and build for Informatica, Brio, and Crystal repositories and tools.
  • Broad Scope of Technology: O-O EAI, Middleware with SSH & PGP w. Perl wrappers, Mainframe, Unix, Windows-NT Servers
  • Broad Range Of Clientele : Internal and External (i.e., Dun And Bradstreet, Calif. Dept. Of Justice)
  • Authored & led JADs re a Full Range of Technical Documentation following UML/RUP process technology and coordinated large module development, incl. Extensive use of MS Project and tasks definition, sizing, deliverables, metrics.

(Some PG&E references: Jess Altuna, Gena Hanson, Ruth Sylagyi, several others on request)

  DBA/Developer/Systems Analyst

Jan. 2000 – Sept. 2000


  OneNetWork; Los Gatos, CA

  • P2B, B2B Ecommerce Stored Product Development
  • The primary business-analyst-developer for an ACH-genre product, coordinating a small group of business analysts and designers, as well as data administration and data base management.
  • Oracle DBA and SQL-Server DBA supporting Development (sole DBA in enterprise) created and managed multiple instances in each environment. (heavy pl/sql and transact-sql development, Perl for data cleansing and ACH and EDI file parsing and uploading to target Oracle staging tables)
  • SDLC: modeling, documentation, black box-> white box decomposition for stored-value visa-branded cards. Extensive use of MS Project and tasks definition, sizing, deliverables, metrics.
  • DSS, ad-hoc, QA reporting, production ETL design, esp. giftcard debits/credits aggregation and staging table schema design.
  • Stored-Value VISA-MC-branded database design: schema, all database objects and APIs for Coldfusion Presentation (Giftamericard stored value card product, and net shopping mall products)
  • HP IPS (Integrated Payment System) Configuration And Testing primarily amidst Sun Solaris environment
  • System Operator (stored-value cards sys. management and liaison with partner banks esp. Keybank)
  Valuestar, Oakland, Calif. (contractor)

Oct. 1999 – Jan. 2000


  • Sr. Systems Analyst, Database/EAI Developer, Project DBA
  • Team leader of a small group of data mapping specialists, mentoring, and refining workflow, and providing technical assistance in a variety of software and hardware situations. Extensive use of MS Project and tasks definition, sizing, deliverables, metrics.
  • Data mapping & transformation with EAI, for target Oracle rdbms instances, from source flat files
  • Application Development with Oracle Forms, Oracle Designer & Developer
  • ETL scripting & business requirements for operational dimensional datamart of provider certification info
  • UML environment gather, refine, & document use case info for integrated national Certifications metadata


  Stanford University, Stanford California


(employeeè contractor)

 Oct. 1989 –June 1995;

Campus ITSS:

  Jan. 1997 – Oct. 1999                   (employee)

  • Principal Application Software Systems Developer
  • Responsible to a separate business organization, though based in a technical group, to coordinate, gather requirements, and implement enhancements to  real- financial modules, batch processes, and problem reporting and fixes from the manufacturer, following detailed discussion with vendor support analysts.
  • Oracle Financials, primarily Fixed Assets (FA) and (GL) SDLC: installation, configuration, migration. Communication with external vendors – management of incoming/outgoing EDI files for FA.
  • Genomic data cleansing, normalization, loading, and schema design for  genomic datamarts of researcher/colleague and gene expression data (see publications below) via Oracle SQLLDR
  • Peoplesoft Environment:  Peoplesoft financials (GL, asset management,  generic supply chain business processes), Tools/Application Designer (Field/Record design), SQR reports, Process Scheduler, Reporting Server, Configuration Manager, Query
  • Business Analysis, scripting for Ad Hoc & DSS Reporting, Data Cleansing for Business Clients, Supply Chain analyses and reporting of trading partner, and item master cross-reference issue resolution
  • Mentor less-experienced colleagues; collaborate with many & varied business clientele
  • Structured SDLC, early user of UML technology for analysis, documentation

Oracle technology, esp. Perl w. CGI, DBI for Genomics research (see publications below)

Stanford Linear Laboratory: Telecommunications Analyst

  • Telecom System Workflow SDLC (move, add, change, pager, repair, cabling telecomm services)
  • End-to-End system responsibilities: Presentation/data entry screens, Middleware, Back-end
  • Reengineered From vsam & flat files to Oracle rDBMS
  • Peoplesoft Tools (HR-schema, SQR, Application Designer: field/record design, batch process scheduling)
  • Built, Designed, Operated a robust, stable transaction and reporting application for entire tenure
  • Host-Northern Telecom Switch Interface development
  • Enterprise Management Systems Committee member




Safeway Inc., Oakland, Calif. Sr. Analyst  tech lead: training database development: physical & logical database design, ER & DFD data modeling, capacity planning, tech support for training environment/database and trainers. (environment: DB2, QMF, COBOL II, REXX, Erwin, Project Workbench (PWW), MS Access)

March ’95- Jan. ’96


  PG&E, San Francisco, Calif. Sr. Analyst: programmer/analyst for client-server development of Tree Maintenance/Inventory system: complete life-cycle development of conversion from and enhancements to legacy system: ER, DFD data modeling, reports, stored procedures, triggers. (environment: MS SQL Server, BCP, MS Access, OLE 2.0, Windows NT 3.1, Transact SQL, FTP PC/TCP suite, MS ADT, MS Upsizing tool, Lotus Notes, VSAM, DB2, COBOL II, TSO/ISPF, Wylbur, Project Workbench)


July ’94- March ’95


   IBM Corp., San Jose, Calif. Sr. Programmer Analyst: Storage Systems Division: ad-hoc DSS reports and data cleaning reports for storage products shipments and supply chain management; (environment: QMF, OS/2, Windows 3.1, ESSBASE, Lotus 123, Lotus Notes, SQL/DS, DB2, SAS and SAS/SQL interface for reports development,  ISPF Dialog Manager, REXX, DB2/2, IOS3270 )


January ’94 – July ’94


  Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Sr. Programmer Analyst: Design, programming, technical support for Intel’s corporate video room and audio bridge (Allegro, Northern Telecom) reservation system: business process analysis, performance tuning; DSS /ad hoc reporting and reporting with statistical packages; user liason. I was the primary technical support for the system with ~6 full-time schedulers. I also helped port the mainframe system data base & reports to the MS Server/Sybase/MS Access environment. (environment: TSO/MVS/DB2, CICS (command & macro), QMF,  COBOL, Erwin, Windows, MS Access, Visual Basic, MVS /TSO, ISPF dialog manager, REXX)

August ’92 – Jan. ’94


  Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, Calif. DBA/Data Administrator: Automated Transactions Group,  project DBA/DA, physical and logical schema and index design to support automated-operator system via COBOL II, of real-time IO, and QMF  reports; query tuning with “explain” and related tools and PM. (environment: DB2, COBOL, CICS, QMF, ISPF, TSO, CLIST, REXX, VM/CMS)


January ’92 – April ’92


  California Medical Review, Inc. San Francisco. Tech Lead, DBA/DA; configured RDBMS products; tech lead VSAM- to SQL/DS and EDI data base conversion team; developed business models, documentation standards, many reports via SPSS and SQL hand-coded etl techniques, and prototype applications for health care systems, including extensive support for Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) requirements. (environment: ADW CASE, QMF, SPSS,  OS/2, EDI, SQL/DS, DOS/VSE, ISPF, Cobol.

April 1991 – Dec. ’91


  Senior Programmer/Analyst, California Casualty Management Co Insurance Co, San Mateo, Calif.

SDLC prototype Inventory Business Process + Application + Database Design SQL/DS

Sept ’87 – August ‘89


  Senior Programmer/Analyst, Levi-Strauss, San Francisco, CA

SDLC Test Case System, COBOL with DB2

April ’87 – July ‘87




Earlier Experience:


Chief Scientist, Disabled Programmers Inc, San Jose CA

Managed an IMS database tools group + profit/loss responsibility

(Revenues of that group grew from $250k to ~ $2million during my management)

Also supported an IMS Database Design Tool, DBDESIGN, and was a

co-developer of DBEDIT, one of the first rDBMS editors – an IBM product that is still in widespread use worldwide.





  Principal Programmer, CF Kettering Foundation, Education Division, Westwood Calif (employee 1976-1979)
  Educational Systems Analyst “Administrative Anlyst”, UCLA Graduate Division, Westwood, Calif (employee 1973-1975)
  University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)


  Los Angeles, CA

  • B.A., English
  California State College, Dominguez Hills


  Dominguez Hills, CA

  • M.A. Program, English (just short of degree)
  University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)


  Los Angeles, CA

  • Graduate courses in Educational Research, TESL, Linguistics, Computer Science
  Publications   (genomics – oracle data bases schemas, and data management with Perl & CGI, )


  • A Concordance to the Poems of Ben Jonson. Ohio University Press. 1978.

(Co-Authored with Steven R. Bates)


  • A Concordance to the English Poems of Andrew Marvell. University of North Carolina Press. 1975.

(Principal programmer and editorial and production assistant for the author, G. Guffey)


  • A Concordance to the Poems of Thomas Traherne. University of California Press. 1973.

Principal programmer and editorial and production assistant for the author, G. Guffey

·   An indefinite invitation to exhibit at the Florence Biennielle, perhaps the largest Contemporary Art Exhibition in the world

  • Featured Artist,  Mid-2003, and  Featured Works many times @ (orlovitz)– one of the largest peer-reviewed art galleries in the world –
  •  Chosen for Annual Calendar Artists, 2005-2009,
  • popular and strong peer-reviews from Professional Artists at ) 
  • Permanent Collection, Shir Hadash Collection/Gallery, Los Gatos Calif